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Meet Tanya

FCI Certified Trainer, Passionate Breeder 

“This is not a hobby. It’s late nights and early mornings. It’s struggle. It’s triumph. It pushes your boundaries and tests your limits.


But in that moment when man and beast are one- that moment is worth all the hard work and sacrifice.”


Tanya's Beginning

When Tanya traveled to Hungary in 2013 to become an FCI certified dog trainer, she then first saw the Hungarian Wirehair Vizsla in action. With a passion for gun dogs, the training style and hunt tests in Europe had always been of interest to the young trainer. She saw examples from a number of kennels in Hungary, those that were in the breed for many years and very successful in BOTH field and show - something that was lacking back home in North America.

The visit started her passion for the HWV breed and the world of hunt testing internationally and in Canada/USA.

A Standout Breeder

Years Later, Tanya is  now an accredited NAVHDA judge and has her own brood of HWV's and a focus to strive for improvement on the working side of the breed. After all, that is what sparked her passion all those years ago. She first and foremost hunts with her dogs every season and then tests her dogs in NAVHDA, CKC, the Hungarian FCI hunt tests as well as the German Versatile Hunting Dog Association (FCI) to the highest levels to ensure they are proven hunting dogs.

Testifying to her dedication to the breed in work, in 2016, her Szinva was the first for the breed to be crowned Versatile Champion through the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA).

After 8 years of acquiring and testing her dogs, she finally produced her first litters in the Pannonia Kennel in 2021. Both her A and B litter received NAVHDA Breeders Awards for the Natural Ability Test. Proving that her high standards for her breeding program indeed did produce exceptional puppies that not only were excellent hunting companions and members of the family, they continue to conform to the original purpose of the breed as a talented versatile hunter.

Tanya continues in her pursuit to show the world what an excellent versatile hunting breed the Hungarian Wirehair Vizsla is.

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Featured In

Tanya and her dogs-3103_edited.jpg

NAVHDA, Women's Wisdom

(pg 17-19)

Learn about who Tanya is and her passion of breeding the HWV

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Making History with the HWV

(pg 4-6)

Read about Tanya's journey to make history with her first Versatile Champion

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Training on the 'Wire' Side

Learn how Tanya develops strong, cooperative working relationships with her hunting dogs



I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Tanya on the search for my bird dog. Her knowledge and expertise as a hunter/trainer/ NAVHDA Judge, but also passion and dedication for the breed really shows in the dogs she produces.


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